Top Four Work-From-Home Apps for Remote Teams

Has your team also gone digital?
Here are our favorite online teamwork apps that help us stay organized and up-to-date from all of our at-home offices.

Best for Task Management: Asana

Asana is a work management application available both on desktop or mobile. The different features allow you to organize, track and manage tasks - perfect for working with teams on large projects. The interface has a clean design that makes it clear what tasks are upcoming on the calendar. For business purposes this application is helpful, but you can become overrun with notifications if you’re not careful. Be sure to take advantage of the notifications settings menu, so you get notified as often as you need.

Best for Communication: Slack

Slack is a tried and true communication platform for your team. You can use it as a direct messaging service, or even make channels for different topics and groups. Channels are great, because you can adjust permissions so that only the team members can only view conversations relevant to their projects. This is extra helpful for separating project conversations. Slack is available as an application for your computer or phone. Please be sure to set boundaries for replies, as you would for email or texts. 

Best for Video Training: Loom 

Loom is an online screencasting software that allows you to make quick and easy video messages. The service allows you to record your screen, with or without a video of you! After creating your video, it is immediately downloadable and ready to share. It’s perfect for walking through new items with clients, or training team members on complicated tasks. You can download the application to your computer or use a browser extension. There’s also a phone app available. 

Best for Verbal Communicators: Voxer

Voxer is a personal messaging application that allows for text, voice and video messaging. As its walkie-talkie logo implies, its most used feature is live voice messaging. You can send out messages directly to individuals or to larger groups. This service is more than a little bit addicting once you get started because it’s so easy to use. It’s perfect for smaller, close-knit organizations.

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